Payam Mark Shayani

Payam Mark Shayani is a dedicated, experienced, and enthusiastic lawyer with an enthusiasm for Personal Injury, Catastrophic Injury Claims, and Work related Injuries. Mr. Payam Shayani settled and gathered Millions of Dollars*, receiving justice for his injured victim clients. As the establishing lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group, he has taken care of a multitude of Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation cases in the courtroom for nearly four decades.

Attorney Payam Mark Shayani has committed his life and service to help harmed casualties get reasonable remuneration. He helps his customers seek justice through the extreme times and vulnerabilities in personal injury matters. Payam Shayani cherishes his employment and thinks profoundly about his customers. *This does not ensure, guarantee, or anticipate the result of your case.

Payam Shayani has received exquisite training and a wealth of experience in his field. He has studied at renowned universities, such as

Southern Methodist University, 1992
University of Texas School of Law, 1996
University of Texas School of Medicine**, 2000
St. Joseph Hospital, Surgery**, 2002

Mr. P. Shayani has been admitted to practice law in the great state of California.

*This does not ensure, guarantee, or anticipate the result of your case.

**Mr. P. Shayani is a full-time practicing attorney in the State of California. He does not practice Medicine, and does not hold a California medical license.

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